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King Kandy Buffets is owned and operated by Marcella King, who has been a premier event planner in New Jersey for 10 plus years. Candy buffets/treat tables have become very popular over the past few years. I would even say it is a must have at your special event. There are many event planners now offering this service.


What sets King Kandy Buffets apart from the rest is we don’t just place candy and treats on a table. The tables we create are custom designed and detailed just for you and your special event! The uniqueness that each table brings is so exceptional you will not see the same table twice. King Kandy Buffets include backdrops, amazing table setup, props & much more. Our tables coordinate with your party theme/colors, specific needs & budget. 


King Kandy Buffets are the perfect addition to any event and serves as the best party favor for your guest.





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